Beca Alex C P Chu Trade de prácticas en empresas

Dirigido a

Estudiantes, Investigadores


Fecha de cierre: 01/11/2013


The scholarships shall have a total value determined each year from the interest earned on the capital and be open to students enrolled in a postgraduate or undergraduate course in agriculture or horticulture 


Universidad de Massey


a) The scholarships shall be awarded annually as funds permit on the recommendation of the Applied Academic Programmes Scholarships Committee provided the applications are of sufficient academic merit. The award shall be based on the candidate's academic attainment and the likely value to the candidate of the overseas experience being funded.
b) In recommending the award of the scholarships the Applied Academic Programmes Scholarships Committee shall take account of other scholarships and bursaries held with a view to achieving a reasonable distribution of monies among qualifying candidates.
c) The Selection Committee will be convened by the Chair of the Applied Academic Programmes Scholarships Committee and include Assoc Prof Alex Chu.
d) Undergraduate students are expected to have registered their intention to participate in an overseas exchange programme with the International Students Office prior to applying for this scholarship. 


Beca para alumnos de estudios de agricultura u horticultura, para estudiar en una institución académica superior en el extranjero y conocer así las diferencias de su disciplina académica en la cultura agraria extranjera.