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Universidade de Vigo

Information about the University of vigo

Over its twenty years of history, the Universidade de Vigo has established itself as a first-rate public university with a solid educational project focusing on the main technological, humanistic, scientific and legal and social areas of learning and a firm commitment to knowledge transfer and social development. The scale of development is reflected in the three campuses that the University places great importance on the quality of its teaching, research and services, and is firmly committed to the ongoing internationalization of its activities and to the mobility of students and staff. In April 2008 the Universidade de Vigo introduced a Strategic Plan setting out twelve objectives that will help to consolidate its status as a participative university with a concern for the environment, a commitment to integrated education and knowledge transfer, and an economically sustainable model. The Vice-Rector?s Offices and other administrative bodies on its Ourense and Pontevedra campuses are a step towards the growing independence of the University?s different sites, intended to give them greater freedom to assert their strengths and increase their presence in the life of the region. However, this process has not undermined the University?s guiding principle of providing all members of its community with access to the same services and advantages, regardless of the campus to which they are attached.