San Pablo CEU

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Universidad San Pablo CEU

Information about the San Pablo CEU University

The Universidad CEU San Pablo is one of the three private universities managed by the San Pablo CEU University Foundation. Inheriting the tradition of the teachings of the CEU association founded 75 years before, the University opened its doors in 1993. Its distinguishing features are its commitment to Christian humanism and to academic excellence, research, technological innovation and internationalization, and its mission is to provide professional training of excellence and to produce highly-skilled graduates. The University offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, along with official master?s degrees, PhDs and its own qualifications in all branches of knowledge, at five faculties (Medicine, Law, Economics, Humanities and Communication, and Pharmacy) and a technical school. The University has around 900 faculty members and provides study grants and financial assistance. Through an agreement with Grupo Hospital Madrid, the CEU University Hospital has been set up, the University has research and language laboratories, and its strong commitment to internationalization is reflected by its bilingual degree courses and international agreements.