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Universitat de Girona

Information about the University of Girona

The Universitat de Girona (UdG) is a public higher education institution dedicated to teaching, research, knowledge transfer and innovation. Firmly rooted in its local environment, it shares many interests and objectives with the city and province of Girona: the UdG contributes to the area?s development by educating professionals and citizens and by working together with the key actors in other sectors to consolidate and expand the area?s international profile. As the city?s main economic and cultural driving force, the UdG combines a respect for tradition with a clear commitment to progress and an openness to different cultures. The University seeks excellence in teaching and research and generates new expertise in many fields ? science, technology, the humanities, teaching, health, social sciences and arts ? which it shares with the rest of society. The University has three campuses in and around the city of Girona and forms part of the system of Catalan public universities.