Autónoma de Madrid

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Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Information about the UAM

The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) is a public institution which is a reference point in the university system both in Spain and abroad. Acknowledged for the quality of its research and its entrepreneurial capacity, its search for excellence in teaching, and its firm commitment to society as a whole, the university actively promotes the intellectual and personal development of its members. From the first moment it has enthusiastically support the European Higher Education Area project in order to further academic exchanges and mobility in today?s knowledge society. The UAM has a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The combination of innovative teaching and research of excellence define its philosophy. Its transparent, effective management is geared to providing the university community with the best possible service. The UAM is a plural, diverse university, committed to democratic values in education and to creating a supportive environment characterized by solidarity and cooperation. Thanks to its performance in teaching and research, the indicators published by a variety of studies place the UAM among the best universities in the world.