The cost of studying in Spain


Enrolment fees for bachelor’s degrees (grado) at public universities in Spain vary between 680 and 1,400 € per academic year. These fees are established officially by the education authorities in the Autonomous Communities (the regional governments). The amount to be paid each year is fixed by the Autonomous Community itself, within the limits proposed by the Conferencia General de Politica Universitaria (the General Assembly for University Policy) and set by the central government. The cost of official postgraduate studies (master’s and doctoral degrees) taught at both public and private universities is established by the education authorities. However, education in Spain comes under the jurisdiction of the regional governments, which are allowed to increase the amounts set by the central government for universities inside their territories.

At private universities the registration fee for bachelor’s degree studies varies between 5,335 and 15,000 euros per academic year, depending on the degree, the institution, and the student’s academic performance. The fees at private universities are established by the university itself.

Both at public and private universities, the amount that students pay varies according to the number of credits for which they enrol, the degree course chosen and their academic performance (students repeating subjects must pay an extra charge when they enrol for the second time).

The fees for official master’s and doctoral degrees at public and private universities are regulated by the government. In the 2012-2013 academic year, the fees will be within a range set between 22€ and 34€ per credit. Therefore, a master’s course comprising 60 ECTS credits may cost between 995€ and 1920€. The Autonomous Communities may establish their own fees, but they must be within the limits set by the government. 

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