Eramus Mundus Scholarship for Doctorate Students


All countries

Adressed to


Registration deadline

Until April 30 of each year (doctorate research proposal due March 31)


For Europeans:

  • 300€ per month for doctorate students not working in labs or 600€ for those with labs, to be used for costs associated with the degree.
  • 3.000€ (only if the student will travel to a third collaborating country).
  • 2.800€ per month for those students with a job contract, and 1.400€ per month for those without contract.

  For non-Europeans:

  • 300€ monthly for students not working in labs and 600€ for those working in labs, to be used for school-related costs.
  • 7.500€ for travel and relocation costs, and other expenses.
  • 2.800€ per month with a work contract or 1400€ per month as a stipend.


European Commission


  • Doctorate applicants must fulfill the specific requirements of the committee of their specific degree.


Scholarships to study Erasmus Mundus joint doctorate programs that will result in the obtaining of a doctorate, double doctorate, multiple doctorate, or joint doctorate degree. These scholarships are awarded to Europeans and non-Europeans, selected by the committee of each specific doctorate program.