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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Entrega del premio Julián Sanz del Río

Julián Sanz del Río Award

On Wednesday 30 May, in Bonn, the jury met to decide the winners of this year’s Julián Sanz del Río Award for young researchers in Spain and Germany, coordinated jointly by the Foundation and its German counterpart, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The award aims to foster scientific, humanistic and cultural cooperation between Germany and Spain and acknowledges the achievements of young researchers from Spain and Germany who have contributed through their work to mutual understanding between the two nations. The 2012 edition will see the award presented for the third time, this year dedicated to the Humanities.

A total of 52 applications were received, one of which was rejected on the grounds that it did not meet the requirements of the call. Of the 51 applications accepted for consideration by the jury, 31 were submitted by Spanish candidates and 20 by researchers in Germany.

The jury, made up of six renowned academics from Spain and Germany specialising in the Humanities, conducted an exhaustive assessment of each application, giving due consideration to each candidate’s academic achievements and their contributions to forging stronger links between Spain and Germany. It was widely agreed that the applications received for this year’s award were uniformly excellent. After extensive deliberation, the jury decided unanimously to award the Prize to the following candidates:

- Dr Ana Carrasco Conde (Philosophy, Spain)
- Dr Frauke Bode (Spanish Philology, Germany)

The Foundation and the DAAD wish to extend their sincerest congratulations to the winners. We would also like to thank all applicants for their interest in the 2012 call and for helping to maintain the prestige of the Julián Sanz del Río Award with their participation. is a public sector foundation that aims to promote the Spanish university system throughout the world. The foundation was set up by the Spanish government with the support of Spain’s universities, the regional governments and other institutions. was formally constituted on 23 December 2008


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